Saturday, December 09, 2006

Oh, Microsoft.

About 30 seconds after posting this message my XBox 360's CD drive stopped working.

Thanks a lot.

GMail, you are _fail_

Every once in awhile Google does something that pisses me off.

Not as much as Microsoft (Microsoft seems to be doing this kind of shit in /spades/ recently, like they got stock in some kind of "piss off Arron" factory.), but enough to make me rage.

Christ, anyway, I'm trying to send a client an executable file via email, real simple procedure, right? Wrong. Oh, how terribly fucking wrong. "I can't send it because its an executable," Google astutely ponders, "And that means its a virus."

Oooh, fuck you GMail, fuck you so goddamn bad. Now I have to inconvenience THEM, this OTHER PERSON, now I have to give them the login details to my FTP, maybe they don't even _have_ an FTP client and have to download one, all because you motherfuckers have some disgusting hard-on against executable files.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you? You think I can't turn a .py or a .rb file into a virus? You've got fucking integrated _virus scanners_ but you're banning .exe file extensions? _WHAT_ that makes _NO SENSE_ you are a /TECH COMPANY YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAN THAT/.

God. For every 10 smart things Google does, there's always this inexplicably retarded one that's just hiding in the shadows waiting to jump out at you. I would love to _smack_ the sucker-fool who made this decision. Just smack the stupid out of him. because lord knows he needs it and he needs it _bad_.

I'm going to go take out my aggression on Rainbow Six Vegas.