Thursday, May 26, 2011

oDesk WTFs

Applicants that:
  • Apply to a job, but state very clearly when asked that they have no experience in the relevant technology and have no intention of learning the required technology
  • Apply to a job, but state that they have no intention of finishing the project within the alloted budget
  • Apply to a job, beg for a chance, then completely ignore instructions and try to sell you some half-baked CMS they had developed for another client

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ubuntu v. Fedora


So many bugs in Ubuntu 11.04, all of them with Unity.

  • Crazy graphical errors that make it impossible to work (I mean that literally),
  • Unity steals title bars at random so I can't can't drag some title bars for dialogs or windows,
  • the global menu steals some (SOME) of the menu bars in Eclipse, but not others, leaving me in a fucked up wasteland of not being able to access functionality without knowing the keyboard shortcut,
  • Unity decides that no, it does not need to hide at the moment, and there's nothing you can do about it, so the leftmost 50ish pixels of my applications are completely inaccessible,
All this shit for a dock that doesn't do anything yet.

Fedora 15 works like a dream on my laptop, no weird errors or anything like what Unity's been boning me with. I'm looking into exactly what it would take to migrate my development machines from Ubuntu 11.04 to Fedora 15.

The only alternative is to wait 6 months and *hope* Unity stops being so goddamn buggy. I want to like it, but Unity seems less like a product and more of a promise of what could be.