Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Go dance with the angels old man!"

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation is one of those classic games that make you scream "YES!" "NO!" "You motherfuckers, you'll pay for that!" at your TV. I can't help but get really into it, even after having it for almost a year now.

The story is cliche and the dialogue classically RPG-like in the way it is delivered.

But it's effin' GREAT, man.

Don't bother getting the flight stick, though. No other game uses it. Too expensive.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Is your site OpenID enabled? If so, don't make me register.

I made my first comment on StackOverflow. It's a site for questions and answers for the developer community at large.

The only thing that compelled me to try (and succeed!) leaving a comment was their OpenID support: I am so done with creating a new user/pass for sites that I only bother with it if I feel I'll be using it a lot. Not so good for drive-by comments and contributions.

However, some OpenID enabled sites demand you register and create a user/pass for that site in addition. I understand why -- account recovery if your OpenID provider vanishes -- but in my mind that negates the the value add-in for OpenID. I wouldn't be using OpenID if I thought my provider was just going to ninja-vanish on me. If stackoverflow.com had done that to me, I probably would have left without bothering. It's just one comment after all, and I only visit the site once every few weeks, max.

Still, nice to know someone gets it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Does Steve Gilmor come with subtitles?

Does Steve Gilmor come with subtitles?


Seriously. Homeboy needs to take a deep, deep breather and burn his little black book of euphemisms 'cuz they just ain't working.

I think he's going for some kinda high-brow thing, but, uh, what comes out is generally unreadable.

Does he talk like that in real life?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Silverlight 2: still no webcam + mic support.

An alternative workaround that is frequently suggested is using Flash, and pushing the captured data to Silverlight.

In my mind, a better alternative: just use Flash.


Added bonus -- most Silverlight 2 demos don't work in Firefox, even though the plugin installs fine.

Update 2:

Fantastic -- one of the demos crashed the entire browser. Think I will be avoiding Silverlight for a few versions.