Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ruby on Rails.

I love it!

Seriously, I just got my first taste of RoR almost a week ago. It's an awesome framework -- I love the freshing 'it just works' mantra that it seems to be built on. Crafting an interactive website with Rails is _really, really easy_. The enforced MVC doesn't bother me much because it all flows together perfectly.

Only thing I wish for now is a robust IDE -- I'm using Aptana after having laughed off Komodo 4.0's lackluster attempts at a Rails IDE. I hear CodeGear is coming out with a good one, but the Komodo people called K4 'the first true Ruby on Rails IDE' so its probably not a good idea to judge a product by the marketing spin.

I have a project coming up that doesn't require any particular technology, so I think I'm going to give it a spin with RoR and see how it works when I have to use it for Serious Business. :)