Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Boodle news update

I've finally updated Boodle's news page with something a little bit more concrete about the project.

I've been watching (and using) #develop 2.0 for awhile, and there's no beating it for IDE-style Boo support: at all. Or, at least, not with Boodle (on Windows) anyway, so I won't hold any delusions of grandeur. Its pretty obvious though that the Boo community now has an awesome IDE to take advantage of, since extending #develop 2.0 (as opposed to 1.1) is awesomely easy, and its got a rock-solid core that hasn't crashed on me since rev 5-something.

Hence, I'm "downgrading" Boodle to a very neat, tight text editor for Boo files with code completion and pleasant syntax colorization.

I'm not the type to look directly into the sun and pretend its a galaxy away.

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