Monday, December 19, 2005

Attack of the WinFX December CTP!

The WinFX December CTP has been dropped to the public at large. The one big change I'm sure everyone has noticed by now is that, aside from a few minor tweaks, the "mini language" of XAML has been removed entirely. Bits and chunks have been removed piece by piece, but the December CTP finally sees the removal of the last straggling hold-outs.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, here's a snippet from Chris Sells' blog:

Or, rather, you would be seeing a snippet, if Blogger's posting control what's it didn't suck an incredible amount of ass. Infact, I just had to copy and paste the text here to note-pad and back, because Blogger's state of the art RTF control forgot to close a tag. Thanks, bitch. Anyway:

Its under the general section.

Anyway, thank God.

By making the format more rigid in terms of syntax it means that
XAML won't become the kind of mess the SVG spec turned out to be; and as someone who once wrote a SVG-to-VG transformer, I know exactly the kind of pains in that spec. Taking the "convenience" out of the spec means that there's no ambiguity or multiple ways to parse one attribute.

These file formats aren't meant to be written by hand, damn it. Tweaked? Sure. WRITTEN? No. Its harder to automate this junk when there are seven different *
valid* ways to write something. The easier it is to programmatically consume XAML the more tools will crop up that can read/write XAML and modify it.

No, sorry, VIM is not a good example of a tool. I mean *REAL* tools, like Sparkle, Cider, #develop.

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