Thursday, January 05, 2006

Opera > Firefox?

I just read a blogger article linked from OSNews -- a site whose link quality is slowly degrading. However, it does provide little gems like this one:
Popular Opera is Faster, More Secure and More Compliant than Firefox

Now, I'll be the first to say that Opera is a very good web-browser, but this guy does more harm than good to its community. You notice right in the beginning that something wayward this way comes, with the fucked up metric of using vulnerability count as a blanket way to consider how secure a software product is. In reality, I think most of us would take ten (10) javascript vulnerabilities that with infinitely looping javascript prompts over 1 (one) 0-day exploit like this one.

Unfortunately, the article only gets worse from there, and ends on the less-than-subtle note of him/her/it arbitrarily declaring Opera the best browser. What pains me the most is that some potential Opera users are going to read that blog entry before they try the browser itself and immediately be put off by the attitude of smug superiority justified by a random link and a short pithy two-three sentance paragraph.

Personally Opera has a lot going for it, but until we're able to write extensions for it -- there are some that exist for Firefox like Scrapbook, and Location Navigator, that I cannot live without -- I'll be sticking with Firefox on point, with Opera covering the flank until it gets a bit more experience in the field.

For people who don't like customizing the browser (quite a number of people), Opera is on it like white on rice, since the "out of the box" experience everyone always oozes on and on about is much better than Firefox's.

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