Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Update, update!

I hate writing blog posts about nothing, but I hate having a slow-updating blog, too.

Anyway: The #develop addin that highlights all references to whatever's selected by the caret is basically done. Haven't worked on it for about a week, since I forgot and left the source code somewhere without remote access.

Speaking of #develop, its getting really good--not that it wasn't, but I mean its getting better. =D

Haven't been doing much else. Really haven't been out searching for work since the last jorb; guess I've been feeling kind of lazy. Should probably take up some work just to keep myself from getting *too lazy*.

Heard that Sun plans on open sourcing Java soon. We'll see how that ends up going. +1 for Java distribution in OSS, -1 for Groovy still sucking pretty badly.

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