Monday, August 21, 2006

Rent a Coder's "all coder competition"

Man, something about RAC's "all coder competition" rankings (rules here, actual results here) makes me feel really competitive.

Once I finish up a few jobs in progress I'll be sub-1000; I guess that's not too bad on a site that claims to have over 150k registered coders. For some reason, every time I see myself climb over a  few other developers in the rankings it always makes me cackle sinisterly.

Must be something in my diet.

Anyway, I've recently subscribed to mobcode's RSS feed. I keep "bumping" into this blog everywhere I've go, and the articles this dude or dudette writes are pretty interesting and insightful. The subtitle - "how to code for money on the web" - is an eye-catcher anyway. >:)



TheGoogleLearner said...
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