Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thanks a lot, Debian!

I spent half an hour trying to get Ubuntu into 'CLI-only' mode. The first 15 minutes were logging out and looking perplexed as I realized there was no button on the login splash UI that dropped me to the CLI. I've never actually seen anything on Linux actually TAKE something from you. Hide it? Sure. Straight out TAKE IT AWAY? Yeah, that's new on me.

I spent the other 15 minutes setting up GRUB to boot into good old runlevel 2 so I could just arbitrarily boot into the CLI or the GUI if I wanted to, except that good-old Ubuntu gave me the "fuck-you" salute no matter what runlevel I put it on.

Then, joy upon joy, I find out that Ubuntu completely ignores whatever runlevel you set it to boot into!

Thank God for Ubuntu, without it I might have actually spent that half-hour doing something productive!


Fuck you Ubuntu.

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