Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ruby on Rails.

I love it!

Seriously, I just got my first taste of RoR almost a week ago. It's an awesome framework -- I love the freshing 'it just works' mantra that it seems to be built on. Crafting an interactive website with Rails is _really, really easy_. The enforced MVC doesn't bother me much because it all flows together perfectly.

Only thing I wish for now is a robust IDE -- I'm using Aptana after having laughed off Komodo 4.0's lackluster attempts at a Rails IDE. I hear CodeGear is coming out with a good one, but the Komodo people called K4 'the first true Ruby on Rails IDE' so its probably not a good idea to judge a product by the marketing spin.

I have a project coming up that doesn't require any particular technology, so I think I'm going to give it a spin with RoR and see how it works when I have to use it for Serious Business. :)


Eric Promislow said...

I apologize for putting a "Rails IDE" label on Komodo 4.0, but was convinced that the technology was worth supporting, spent a weekend writing some macros, convinced product management that I needed to rewrite the debugger, and Komodo now does the following:

* debugging based on ruby-debug, includes breaking in views as well as controller code.

* macros integrated into projects let you do all of the following within the UI: manage the database, create models, controllers, and scaffolds; handle migrations, run unit tests. Now that I have a framework in place it's easy to extend it

* Rails-aware code completion.

- Eric

Bet's On said...

Those improvements sounds really good, Eric.

I'll make sure to check out Komodo's next release and see how the Rails support has improved. Judging by your blog its looking really nice.