Saturday, May 03, 2008

ExtJS alternatives?

Now that there's a big kerfluffle about ExtJS, one question:

What are people using now? I've heard some people mention Dojo but also mention that it has really bad documentation.



Anonymous said...

I'm looking into JQuery. The library's great, has tons of widgets written by the community, and is MIT licensed. Here's a grid control, for example:

Chris said...

JQuery is the best library I've used so far. It's light on the GUI features but they're working on a UI library for it.

It really depends on what features you need. I used to use Prototype and Scriptaculous but now I love jQuery.

Anonymous said...

jQuery or Prototype.
But notice that the jQuery mailing
list on googlegroups is
It has 83 messages on average / day.
This seems to me like a very active,tight,well formed community.
It has strength and power