Monday, January 19, 2009

I don't want to talk to you if I need to sign up for something new to do it.

I've been getting real lazy about communicating with people on the Web. There are some things I just don't do anymore, for no other reason than I just don't have the patience.

Like, take this post from the OpenMicroBlogging mailing list. It's about OMB Spec 0.2. When I read it, I instantly had questions about #3, HTML-rendered notice content. A: what the hell does that mean, and B: won't that lock-in OMB consumers to a particular implementation of @ replies and # tags?

Yet, I just can't bring myself to sign up for the mailing list to ask. I don't want to mess with another account on another site for something so trivial. I just don't have it in me anymore. I've even started designing my own small sites to accept OpenID or whatever else I can get my hands on to avoid making a unique account for myself.

I guess I'm all username/password'd out.

As for OMB -- no link, can't find a portal site for it -- my interest is easy integration of microblogging into client sites. In my mind, if a client breeds a community site, integrate microblogging as a communication stream, and expose it via OMB so they can "reach out" as a community into the Web. It's still a big foggy in my mental about it. For now I've just been watching its progress in case a relevant scenario pops up.

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