Friday, February 20, 2009

Oooh, Discover pisses me off.

I applied for a Discover debt consolidation loan about two weeks ago after reading one of their pre-qualified pamphlets that you get in the mail. "You're a winner now!" sorta bullshit. The only reason I went for it is because the rates were actually really nice in comparison to most of the crap I get in the mail. I've recently had some dental surgery that I've put on my credit cards and they've been gathering interest like dust bunnies ever since, so this seemed like a good way to consolidate both cards.

Easy, right? I'm pre-approved, right? Oh, I bet you know where this is going.

This is the first time since I've become self-employed that I actually got a rejection letter from a bank / credit card company. And the reasons, GOD THE REASONS, it's like someone accidently stamped 'UNAPPROVED' instead of 'APPROVED' and made up some reasons in a panic.

One of them was "excessive number of non installement/finance inquiries" which is the apparent result of Discover keep checking my credit report way too often, since this is the first time in about 9 months I've actually signed up for something credit / finance related.

I also got "too many revolving accounts," and "utilization on revolving accounts too high," which is fantastic, since I only have 3 credit cards; 1 card empty, and the other 2 with, together, a grand total of... $8,000. (dental surgery is _expensive_ when you don't have insurance).

By the way, I have a credit score of 700. I've been told that's not awful.

All together, car note included, I have about $15,000 worth of debt, maybe a little more (netflix + fastfood addiction). Man, you know the economy is in the shitter when a bank considers that too much debt.

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Chosig said...

Man you should live in Sweden, high taxes - but great social security network. I've never paid more than $350 at the dentist, and that was a root canal.

I've also had to ride the ambulance with an acute gall stone attack, all-in-all it cost me $28 (including a 45 mile cab ride home) - including some really nice meds :P