Tuesday, November 30, 2010

As much as Ubuntu's Unity sucks...

...it's the best there is, if you want a Linux distro on your netbook.

MeeGo is zippy (faster than Unity, actually), but it's lacking features that I've come to expect in a modern operating system, and installing new software seems nonexistent -- I could never find a way to enable streaming music from my DAAP server, for instance, and, unlike Unity, I couldn't get my bluetooth headphones to work with audio from Chrome -- only from the local music player, Banshee.

Other distributions are more up to date (Fedora, etc) but they just don't work well on the small screen of a netbook, and I'm not really into manually paring down the user interface to try and get everything to "fit."

So, here I am, installing Ubuntu 10.10 on my netbook again...

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