Saturday, December 25, 2010

Alpha Protocol ain't no Deus Ex.

I bought Alpha Protocol for 3 reasons:

* it was recommended by some RPS commentors on an article about Deus Ex
* a reviewer likened it to a "spiritual successor" for Deus Ex.
* it was on sale for $19.99

For a $19.99 game, it is alright -- but if you're seriously thinking it's as good (or better) than Deus Ex, you are either sadly mistaken or your eyeballs are so engorged with hatred for the human race that only crushing the spirit of hope in humans can you bear your foul existence for even a moment. Seriously bro, what a dick.

Alpha Protocol is, again, alright. For a $19.99 game. So it's no surprise there isn't going to be an Alpha Protocol 2. The game is buggy, and combined with flawed gameplay mechanics it isn't much more than a bargain-bucket game with OK visuals. You ever trying sneaking through a level, almost making it, then having an enemy appear right in front you? Literally appear. And not only appear, appear facing you. And then when you reload a save, despite being completely undetected at the time of the save, every enemy in the game is already in the alert state and aware of your presence. The difference between barreling through a level guns blazing and a slow, methodical stealth approach? Nothing.

Why is everyone trying to sell shitty games for $59.99 ($49.99 on the PC)? On the plus side, this has opened up the market for indie games that are worth their price, but damn it's obnoxious when every game that comes in a box is trying to max out the price ceiling for whatever platform they're targeting.

Anyway, Merry Christmas.

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