Saturday, June 18, 2005

The grind continues. I just got "basic" code completion working. To be honest, I had it working awhile ago, but due to some basic but important information that was not in the document about LanguagePreferences that was in the Managed Package Framework SDK, I fumbled around for almost an hour looking for a problem that was a one line solution.

Basically, although you can enable CodeSense by using the ProvideLanguageService attribute, its not really "enabled" until you return a LanguagePreferences object that has "EnableCodeSense = true." Let's face it: that's not very obvious, and it makes me wonder if I even need the named parameter in ProvideLanguageService in the first place.

Anyway, I still have to recognize "overloaded" operators and provide quick information similar to C#'s intellisense: method signature, overloads available, etc. Hopefully there's a method somewhere in the Managed Package Framework that will allow me to probe the .xml documentation format.

I've been able, so far, to stick to my "feature a day" goal for the package.

Basic code completion ;) Posted by Hello

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