Monday, June 20, 2005

Why pay attention?


Because I just spent a day working on a problem that did not exist - specifically I was finding that there were methods that were "slipping" through the filter I had designed to hide out-of-scope members. The irony? I had it all wrong.

I was looking at the list of .NET 1.1 System.String members in comparison to those that slipped through the filter, when my eyes should have been on .NET 2.0's System.String members. Although Boo was developed under .NET 1.1, since I was running VS2005 on .NET 2.0... yeah, I was using the 2.0 version of System.String. Totally screwed me up - for AN ENTIRE DAY.

Like all good ideas, the thought to check came after I had been away from the computer for an hour or so.

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