Thursday, September 01, 2005

Boodle on Novell Forge.

Boodle has a home on Novell Forge now thanks to their awesome hosting with SVN access.

There's already a few SVN commits and an installer (!), because Mike Hansen is apparently one very busy dude. For those of you not engrossed in reading the comments section, I'm working with him on Boodle. He's very good at compositing the UI elements together in a fashion that doesn't suck -- too bad my code isn't as elegant. ;)

I just checked in very raw code completion / compiling / running of single files. Still haven't found a way to work with the StyledTextCtrl yet, though, without dipping into C - something I don't wanna do. At all. Ever. (colorize me lazy). Not sure how to handle the situation yet.

*Update: made link point to right project, sorry. ^.^

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