Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The magic of open source.

There are already *four* developers working on Boodle now: myself, Michael Hansen, Daniel Newton, and "Bot Builder."

For a project less than 2 (3?) weeks old, that is pretty rocking. It is also why I wanted any kind of Boo integration project to be open source as well: it is very easy to foster a community of developers. Daniel? He submitted like 3 patches to the list before he even joined the project. Sweet. It takes pressure off the rest of us if the load is distributed evenly.

Syntax colorization and code completion finally got threaded; I crafted a "saferunner" class out of the threaded UI code that Michael contributed. Its a lot more "Boo" without any sticky work-arounds, which is *TOTALLY AWESOME*. First class functions rock.

Boodle-dev, the mailing list, is getting pretty active now. Good stuff, this Boodle thing.

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