Thursday, October 11, 2007

My first public Rails site!

It's been awhile since I blogged about anything technical, so I thought I'd talk about a site I just prototyped.

It's a Rails-driven site. Top to bottom, its a pretty simple design, but I went through a lot (a LOT) of iterations before I found a design (front/back) that I found acceptable. Thankfully, Rails made this very easy. Ruby is as straight-forward as it can get, and so is the Rails framework. C#/ASP.NET feels a little wooden and artificial now, in comparison.

Speaking of C#/ASP.NET, I didn't really miss it when developing FearlessBlogging. I didn't have a moment where I thought "damn it, this would be easier in C#" or, "How come ASP.NET provides this but Rails doesn't?!"

Then again, the site I ended up deploying as pretty simple. I cut back on a lot of cool-sounding features that really weren't all that useful.

Oh, man, deployment was FUN.

Learning Capistrano before-hand was not. There seriously, seriously needs to be an updated Capistrano 2.0 tutorial for Rails.

I managed to hodge-podge it together from a bunch of incomplete Capistrano 2.0 blog posts and inferring some stuff from Capistrano 1.x, but still, was not the most pleasant of experiences.

After I got everything setup and stuff I could deploy the site with just a "cap deploy:cold" and it worked like a dream. I've updated the site several times since then and its always gone flawlessly. Using XP Pro, SP2, and no bugs reared up, so that was a relief.

Other than that, great experience: A++++, would work with again!

Yeah, I'm a dork.

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