Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Making Jammit jam with Heroku

So, you want to use Heroku and Jammit together, and you've come here of all places! I know, there's no good solution for this floating around The Interwebs, so I figured one out myself, and now I'm publishing so that you, YOU THE VIEWER, can be both shocked and amazed.

There's a nicely formatted gist right here, or you can read it inline below:

Yes, that large hack floating around in the middle is specifically for Heroku. If you're on another cloud service that is a little less wizardly, you can drop the class_eval block entirely and you should be good to go.

If you're wondering if the resultant files will be cached by Heroku's Varnish HTTP accelerator: yes. Rack::Static will return the fetched files as Rack::File objects, which Heroku caches.

UPDATE: if it's not obvious, this needs to go into config/initializers -- so it runs once on app start up.

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