Friday, April 08, 2011 is pretty awful now.

Mint sucks. What happened? After Intuit bought them, they added support for one of my previously unlisted banks, but then almost immediately all four Bank of America accounts I had inputted stopped updating.

And just awhile ago, my Prosper account stopped updating.

So now I have:

* a PayPal account I get non-stop "low balance" warnings for, even though the balance hasn't changed in over a year,
* a car note account that doesn't show my remaining balance,
* An Ally CD,
* and one bank account.

The most hilarious moment of this has to be that today I got an email from Mint, claiming that they've improved their back-end so now they don't talk to a 3rd party any more to get your bank updates: they connect directly to the financial institutions instead. Too bad connecting directly with the banks is apparently less robust than connecting through that 3rd party, am-i-rite?

Runner up for most hilarious moment: Mint claims that you have to turn off all (ALL) of Bank of America's three-factor security mechanisms in order for Mint to work, because they're "unsupported." I have an account with another bank that updates perfectly fine via Mint, and it uses the same three-factor security that Bank of America does.

It's unfortunate that Wesabe and the rest of them died off so quickly; they probably could have used this moment to start picking up customers as they drop off of Mint.

There is no way I'm turning off any bank's additional security. I've already had my identity thiefed twice (caught by the bank both times before they did any real damage), I am not making it easier for someone to ninja my bank account, because, you know, there is MONEY IN THEM THERE ACCOUNTS.


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Anonymous said...

Another great alternative to mint's security concerns is You have full control and your accounts, no security problems and its way easier to use than Mint.

Andrew said...

Mint is TERRIBLE! It was going so far as to tell me a $3,000 deposit was an expenditure at Target. Huh? Completely random. The investments tab was telling me I made a 47,000% return today... I always knew I was pretty savvy, but thanks to Mint, I'm a billionaire now. It is just pure garbage. Tech support says fixing these things is "not a priority." OK... I guess I'll just tell people not to use your site, then.

Alex said...

I’m a cofounder of Penny ( and we built Penny after wrestling with Mint for several years. Penny is simple and friendly: you just chat with her and she keeps you up to date on your spending. She even notifies you about transactions so you’ll never miss an unexpected charge or fee again. Give her a try!