Monday, December 31, 2007

HTML5's Canvas tag: are we using it?

Dear Lazy Web (all 6 of you that read my blog in other words),

Are we still using the Canvas tag? I've been researching it, looking for a "cheap" way to do some simple graphics manipulation for Firefox-based browsers, and as I did I came across Apple pulling the patent card for Canvas. I remember seeing some radically awesome stuff done using Canvas but if there's a chance that it'll be pulled from the browser in the future because of the patent I'll be looking to use something else.

So, we using it or not?

PS: Blogger's fucked up Rich HTML editor doesn't escape HTML tags when you type them into the editor, so guess what happened when I posted this the first time?


Hixie said...

Apple have said that they will license all the canvas patents royalty free as soon as HTML5 gets published as a first draft by the W3C. They were pushing really hard for that to happen last year, but it's been delayed for various reasons. The W3C has said they'll publish before the end of the month.

Bet's On said...


Er, thanks, I mean.

Richard Heyes said...

I'm using it to create graphs: