Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Logins! Logins! Logins!

A few days ago I received the IT equivalent of a battlefield promotion and suddenly found myself tasked with commanding and conquering a team of developers that I had to first assemble. I was given end-to-end hiring responsibilities, and since we decided to use oDesk to search for talented developers, it meant that I now had three accounts: provider, buyer, and now the enigmatic "Company User."

Also, there's this reality-bending feat:

Yeah, that's two of me. As if one weren't bad enough.

Frankly, what I need right now is some kind of keychain. I've got 3 logins for oDesk alone, and God knows how many more for various sites on the Internet. Hotmail, Yahoo!, Google... I know there's software out there to "coalesce" the experience, but that software doesn't integrate with the browser at all, isn't stored in the cloud so I can easily move from one computer to another seamlessly, doesn't have an easy-to-use every day interface...

Hey, I'm a PROGRAMMER! Maybe I'll make a website and Firefox Addin that does just that and become a millionaire. Man can dream, can't he?

Hm, I'll probably post more about the oDesk hiring experience later. Seems like good blog fodder, don't you think?

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Michael Levinson said...

Arron - you won't need a keychain. Next month we'll be unifying everything so you can be a buyer, provider, or even an affiliate manager, all from a unified account and login. Thanks for your patience, and I look forward to hearing about your buyer experience.

Michael Levinson
Sr. Product Manager