Monday, December 22, 2008

Aptana: Changing Ruby Interpreter on a per-project basis?

Anyone know of a way to change the Ruby Interpreter in Aptana for each individual project?

I've been wanting to give it another test drive and see how the latest version compares, but for the life of me I couldn't make this one simple thing happen. I've got multiple projects in both Ruby and jRuby, so not being able to easily switch is a big big pain.

I got as far as the "build path" bits, but I couldn't make those dance the way I wanted so I gave up and went back to NetBeans 6.5. Which works perfectly, but I'm not a fan of the default directory structure. If you use the "files" view instead of "projects" you lose a lot of functionality. :/

EDIT: "why not post on the Aptana forums?"

Because I forgot my username and password. And you can't get your password without supplying your username for some fucked up reason. So, basically I'm locked out of the forums. :)


tor said...

Hi Aaron,
you don't have to use the File view in NetBeans if you don't like the flattened Rails view.

"To have the Projects window display the physical layout instead of the logical layout, choose Tools > Options from the main menu, and click Ruby. Click the Miscellaneous tab, clear the Show Logical Project View checkbox, and restart the IDE."

This is from - it may have moved slightly in 6.5, I'm not sure, but the option is definitely in there somewhere.

-- Tor

Bet's On said...

Woo hoo!

Exactly what I wanted!

Thanks, Tor.

I haven't read the wiki pages since 6.0.

Pfft. Guess I'm not the expert I thought I was. :)