Wednesday, October 05, 2005

His worse day tops mine by like 10x

[23:01] the first was because we have to use this stupid graphing software that to my knowledge is only in the physics computer lab, and it turns out that lab requires you to pay money to print. so i go there the morning before the lab, and i have no cash on me. but i cant pay cash anyways, i have to pay "bevo bucks", which i can purchase online, except they dont take visa online
[23:01] i had enough change to print, but they dont take cash, they require bevo bucks
[23:01] so that assignment was late

... some minutes later ...

[23:05] we do the lab on computers, so hypothetically i could just email / put it on a floppy drive, right?
[23:05] wrong, because they dont have internet or floppy drives
[23:05] they DO have usb drives, but it is a mac and it wont take my usb stick
[23:06] its like an island of stupidity, cut off from contact with the rest of the world

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