Sunday, October 09, 2005

My Windows Vista Wishlist (half-assed)

Things I would like to see in Windows Vista.
  • Integrated Smart Upgrade technology:
    • Right now applications are so disorganized with the way they check for updates. Some plunk something in the start menu's "Startup" that checks for updates, some applications have it coded right into their core, and other applications... sheesh. Its a pain.
    • Some applications just say, "hey, wtf, there's a new app, now why don't you GO ALL THE WAY TO MY HOMEPAGE AND DOWNLOAD/INSTALL IT ALL YOURSELF, K THX" Yeah. Thanks, you lazy bastard.
    • I want to see a unified control panel for all this: I want an API to code against to register my application, and then the user can set how and when he wants Windows Vista to check for updates to my application. Then Vista prompts him to download and run an installer executable specified by an update.ini (or whatever) file located on a remote webserver. Hell, if it could be done, it would automate the install/upgrade process silently, and allow the user to degrade back a version by keeping around old .msi install scripts for X many versions.
    • Someone has to shepard this update madness into one less than insane bundle. Windows Vista is the perfect opportunity to do this.
    • I have like a kajillion fucking Java WebStart app entries in my Control Panel Add / Remove thingy. Fuck. Thanks, Java. Thanks a lot.
  • A better way to navigate through the "Start" menu Application Folders.
    • *Anything*. Seriously. Maybe just a better way to navigate through application folders in general.
  • I would like a better way to manage how applications and what applications are run at start-up. Every application does this in a little bit different way: some are in the 'Start' menu, some use the registry, some... some... agh. I 'specially hate applications that are auto-start but I can't track down how to stop the functionality due to the application's bad UI or whatever.
  • The start menu's "most recently used application" list doesn't notice if a short-cut no longer points to a file. I broke jEdit awhile ago (thanks for installing into a new directory, you bastards), and haven't bothered with it since, but the icon is still there.
  • Nothing bothers me more than the naming scheme, "Corporation --> Product Name" used in start menu entries. Damn it, that's metadata stuff right there. Half the time I barely know who wrote what application, so I'm constantly popping through 'new' corporation entries looking for the app I just installed.
Rant, off!


Doug said...

Try Ubuntu

You got apt-get and Synaptic for easy updates.

You got a *categorized* start menu.

I don't know about an easy way to manage what happens at start up though. There's a bunch of stuff in /etc/init.d I believe.

No corporate stuff, plus it's all free.


Bet's On said...

I keep Ubuntu on my desktop.

It would be great if I could play Ragnarok Online with it. ;)