Sunday, October 23, 2005

Rwarr, attack!

As you can tell, I've been trying to crush Grunwald under a wall of bugs lately.

He closes most of them the same day or the very next. The guy's got to get a new past-time hobby or something!

I'll have to admit I'm kind of disappointed with Boodle in comparison: #develop 2.0 is way more feature-packed than I had ever expected it to be. Aside from it not being able to do debugging - some kind of bug in the way Boo generates.pdb files when running under .NET 2.0 - its a pretty powerful development platform. Now its a project that's wedged between MonoDevelop (s'alright) and #develop 2.0 (the BFG of free .NET IDEs), and I'm not sure what to do with it.

As I expected, botty still hasn't delievered on the NAnt backend, so we're still stuck playing with SQL for the backend, which was just a temporary hack that was supposed to hold a few days so I could implement some stuff around the basic project model, but its held for almost three weeks now.

So, pretending to know what I'm doing for a moment, I've been thinking the past week if we should reposition Boodle as a simple Boo source editor with basic project support. Once you start reaching out for advanced features like NAnt and debugging, then its time to go to #dev or MonoDev. Its really no contest between Boodle vs #dev 2.0 or Boodle vs the newest MonoDevelop SVN releases, and I don't see it happening any time soon.

The only niche' it seems to really occupy is 'simple source editor,' and even in there its already got competition: Sciboo was announced on the Boo Lang list a few days ago! I think in its current form Boodle is better than Sciboo, for now, though. ;)

I've still got time to think things through before I start hacking on Boodle again. Its been another one of "those weeks" where everything is due on either Monday, Tuesday, or Wensday. Again. They were synchronized when they gave out assignments, and synchronized when those assignments were due, it seems.

Clever bastards.

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