Monday, March 13, 2006

Minor msbuild modifications for Boo.

I wanted to make sure my boo copy was in sync with the repository, so I went ahead and finished up the tweaking of the msbuild files for Boo. Mainly it was wiring up project properties to the booc task. For some reason the code to generate all the proper command-line switches was in the booc task, but the back-end wasn't wired up to the Boo msbuild target.

Those of you using #dev 2.0 and Boo and wondering where your .pdb files went and why you couldn't debug inside of #dev, well, its fixed now, but you'll have to copy the Boo msbuild lewt from svn over to #develop 2.0's addin directory.

I think what happened is, Daniel (Boo #develop hacking hero) had a modified copy of the boo msbuild stuff to make sure that it emitted debug info, and when he upgraded to the latest and greatest svn version of boo, he lost those modifications. Anyway, fixed now, so no harm no foul.

These'll probably be my last few modifications for awhile, unless something heinous pops up while I'm coding something.


Doug said...

I just copied over the msbuild dlls from sharpdevelop to the boo repository. Probably the msbuild task had debug off by default, but boo was emitting pdb files anyway, until that bug was fixed.
Good luck finding work. If I had any money I'd hire you :)

Bet's On said...

Heh. Yeah, it would be neat to get paid to hack on Boo or something. =D