Saturday, March 18, 2006

Other GUIs for .NET?

Someone asked me why I stopped blogging in detail about the other UI solutoins for .NET programming.

I'll be honest with you: they suck. Bad. wx.NET has an API that is only comfortable to C++ programmers, and System.Windows.Forms is basically a slightly cleaned up version of MFC.

While this is OK--no API is perfect--they're not really interesting enough to warrant a blog post for each individual one. While they are powerful APIs, they are also APIs that are showing their age. I wouldn't use them unless it was absolutely positively a requirement, which it often is. Still, I hate's em. Damn, do I hate's em.

I know people say the right tool for the right job, but if the right tool happens to be a feces-covered shovel, well, hell, you're screwed either way, right?

Guess I just like living on the edge of new technology.

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