Saturday, March 18, 2006

Shame on you!

I feel bad for this guy. Both for the hassle Google is giving him, and the insipid people trolling his journal.

Sometimes I have to really wonder, do people read about these things, or do they simply act on reflex and hatred?

I try my best not to fall into those kinds of social and mental pit-falls; evaluate each situation, make sure I understand before I shoot off on the mouth and make myself look stupid. I really think this is key for me because I was "raised" on the computer and understand that in the age of Google and other powerful information networks, data persists. For years.

Any thing I'll say on this blog will be enshrined in Google's search engine for years to come. If I were to say something terrifyingly stupid, I would have to abandon all traces of this nickname, forever and permanently, for all time.

I guess the people posting comments on that guys blog won't have that problem, because they're mostly anonymous, or ashamed of being linked to such slow, meandering thought patterns.


Anonymous said...

We'll make fun of your crappy posts too, genius! Enjoy it; it's obviously the most traffic you've ever had.

At least that chump got Digged.

And since I'm guessing you're a flaming liberal, why shouldn't Google have a choice about its own free service when I get to abort my unborn child? Doesn't seem like the American way.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I thought I'd post twice, so it'd only take one more person to set a new all-time record for you. I'm on your side!

Bet's On said...

Oh snap.

You got me, boi.

l33ts0n, down for the count.