Sunday, June 25, 2006

60 seconds with Ubuntu 6.16 = 5 bugs.

Gnome doesn't remove shared folder references from smb.conf if I delete the folder without manually unsharing the folder first.

The concept of a folder name with a space in it is so reality-warping and tortured that Gnome refuses to awknowledge their existance, and so trying to share one with samba means that it crops the folder name: sharing "/home/arron/My Documents" is translated into "/home/arron" which isn't very useful.

Samba broke because some way, some how, during the upgrade process, smb.conf had inserted into it a section that had no name -- it was simply [] and broke the parser, hence all of Samba failing.

Samba still doesn't work after I've gone to all the effort of rolling up my sleeves and fixing all these problems by hand, so now my patience has run dry and I'm going to boot back into Windows XP. <--- show stopper, all of my audio and video is housed on this desktop machine, shared to my own little world.

The fifth bug is that I could probably break samba just by trying to share a folder named "printers" or "cdrom" since there doesn't appear to be any way to delimit a foldername from a special section name. Theoretical, but I'm sure it works.

This is why, no matter how irritating Microsoft Windows is, I won't be switching to Gnome any time soon. I'll take the less painful of the two, thanks.

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