Sunday, June 04, 2006

TopDesk: incredible software for the win.

But really, what a crazy name.

Can't really blame them on the name game, though. Occasionally I start projects with ridiculious names because, in an IDE, you have to put *something* for the project name. Then you start using it here, referring to it there, modeling your namespace hierarchy with references to it as the product name...

Good thing the software rocks. TopDesk an "Expose clone" for Windows. Really terrific software. Fast, stable, and intuitive.

I've got it set up to show me all the windows when I move my mouse to the right edge of the screen, and show me the desktop when I move it to the upper left side of the screen. Pretty sweet.

Ever since I started using it, I've relied on alt+tab less and less. It's just quicker to "ram" the mouse cursor into the target area and get thumbnails for all the open windows. Real-time window updates, too, though there seems to be a problem with Firefox stealing keyboard input. To solve that I had to turn off "begin searchig as I type" in the Firefox preferences panel. Never liked that functionality anyway, but was too lazy to turn it off until it started buggering things up.

TopDesk great software, and with a price point of $9.99, I think I'll be buying this little gem. With price-range comes a set of expected functionality, and TopDesk in my opinion is worth every dollar of that $9.99.


Arron Washintgon said...

i was bored and thought i would search my name on google and it seems we have the exact same name lol. later

Bet's On said...

Awesome. So we're like... clone wars, right?